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Originally Posted by MadScientistMatt View Post
Although both of them look pretty sane for learning bikes. Never thought I'd say that about a 900, as I'm usually the cautious type.
Thats funny because its the same thing i thought when I looked at the numbers, but i once heard someone say "you don't ride the spec sheet, you ride the bike." I got to sit down on the Scrambler the other day (one was sitting out side of the store i work at) and it just felt like being on that old CL... It just really brings back memories.

Though you are right it is alot bigger, but since I was 15 when i rode the 100 last it doesn't feel much bigger than the 100 did at the time!
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When Honda came out with the RC51 I was pretty pumped and the first one I saw I tried talking to the guy about it. Turned out it was his first bike and he'd had it a week. Didn't know jack **** about it but it "looked cool".......

I think the Scrambler would be an excellent bike to learn on, very user friendly power band, good brakes and handling and as your skills improve there's quite a bit of factory and aftermarket support for suspension, brakes and performance up grades. When I bought my T100 I literally had to toss a coin over it and the Scrambler.
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Kawasaki EX500 or Suzuki GS500 YOu will not "outgrow" any of those choices soon. They both have nice power, are light, inexpensive and really make great entry level or re entry level rides
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Ha! I've never "out grown" ANY motorcycle. I laugh like a maniac when I screech down the street on a CB125. At least I KNOW I can get 100% out of one of those.
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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
His plan is to "just follow you guys and do what you do." Glad I don't ride with him.

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I like the power to weight ratio on the Scrambler for inexperienced riders. It has more than enough get up and go to keep you from becoming someone's hood ornament without being over powered or absurdly heavy.
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