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Default Tell me everything

I'm going to school in Honolulu next fall. I want to get a bike so that I have some transportation.

I don't have a motorcycle license, I don't know how to ride, I will have to save up money, and I'll have to get all this and buy a bike without parents knowing.

I'm 20, so it's not like I'm some 16 year old kid trying to go behind my parents backs. I'm responsible, smart, etc, and I would like to purchase a 250cc motorcycle to get around the island. My parents don't want me to get a bike because my mom knew someone growing up who died on one, so she's paranoid. My dad doesn't want me to get a bike because my mom won't let him get one.

If anyone would be kind enough to walk me through it from the start to purchasing a bike without parents knowledge, that would be great. Oh, and the cheaper the better, I don't want to spend more than $2-3k. Even thinking about that little amount still makes me cringe.

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Thank heaven your mom never knew anyone who got killed in a car. You'd be on foot.
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Originally Posted by iwantabike View Post
I'm 20, so it's not like I'm some 16 year old kid trying to go behind my parents backs.
Yes it is exactly like that.
If they are still paying for your schooling, then you are taking a huge risk.

Where are you going to get $3,000 dollars ??
Do you have good enough credit to swing a loan without a co-signer ??
Or don't you even know what that means ??

Take the MSF beginners course. Even before that, brush up on your bicycle riding skills. If you have never ridden a bicycle before.......then forget it for at least 6 months and buy a used bike for $50 first.

I think "babysitting" you through this whole process by remote control is asking a LOT. Don't you have any friends or "outlaw" Uncles who can provide that kind of support ??
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You and your dad can get into a riding class together and go from there.
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Default Just curious to see if you took the plunge...

I'm back in the forum after a sorta long absence. I'm looking at some of the past topics and am wondering if you talked to your parents, took a class, bought a bike, etc...?
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Default Marik, Ugolf, Raid and Marlo Gabon

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Default Mortis, Jens, Jaffar and Surus Viet nam

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Default Ayitos, Lares, Gamal and Hengley Palau

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Default Chenor, Nafalem, Mamuk and Vasco Greece

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Default Bozep, Folleck, Cole and Phil Netherlands

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