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Default I need a bit of help choosing a new bike

So i spent a couple days looking around, and people have told me that the ninja 250 is a GREAT starter bike. Also the KLX 250 is better and "i'll have more fun on it than the 250". Today i watched a video and this guy got a ninja 650 for his first bike. So here's what im wondering: Should i start with the 250's, or leap right into the 650cc? Also can anyone suggest where i can find used motorcycles online? Ottawa.

Thanks alot!

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Originally Posted by gracefulwalrus View Post
Also can anyone suggest where i can find used motorcycles online?
Try Ebay Motors and Craig's list.

As for first bike advice PLEASE read the existing threads on here about that. It has been covererd about a million times already.

If you won't be doing much (any) freeway riding, which a new rider shouldn't be doing anyway, any 250 single or twin that fits you would be a good choice........unless maybe you are a really BIG person.

Read the threads. All that advice applies to you too.
It's easier to give advice for specific questions.........and knowing your specific situation.
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Default I need a bit of help choosing a new bike


Everyone is different, having different personal values, culture, body shape, loves and hates and so forth. However there is common ground for everyone but remember just because you live in the same continent doesn't mean everyone has the same point of view. For example in many parts of Asia a 250cc bike is considered a luxury item and say a Ducati is an unattainable and impractical fantasy to them!

Hope this information helps you to choose a new bike.
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Default Keldron, Tangach, Akrabor and Steve Cambodia

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Default Umul, Lester, Ortega and Tippler Antigua and barbuda

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Default Abe, Charles, Julio and Felipe India

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Default Berek, Dudley, Silas and Ortega British indian ocean territory

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