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My friend Adrian bought the new Yamaha FZ-800 for his first bike. He took the MSF course, he listened to the more experienced riders, and he wears the gear. 1,000 miles and two months later, he's doing fine and enjoying the bike.

I've noticed that new bikes like the FZ have a powerband that makes it easier for a noob to keep from killing themselves. If you keep it under 7k, it's a nice easy ride with great handling and brakes. And when you're ready, 7k to 15k will blow you off the seat.
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Not the "S" version. Great bike, lots for sale.

Make sure the one you look at has not been raced (many have been).

Or get a Bonneville.
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Originally Posted by Bontchimuz View Post
Hi all -

34 year old getting ready to buy my first bike.

I have tested, trained and enjoyed riding a Buell Blast the last month.

I am really wanting ABS on my "middleweight street bike" so the Triumph Street Triple is falling way back to 3rd even though I think Id like that bike the best.

Out of the BMW F800R and Ducati 696 Monster, which do you think would be a better bike for me to get?

I plan on driving mostly around my house (within 30 miles), on the ocean curvy roads and into Portsmouth, NH about 5 miles from my house as well as visiting my parents about 20 miles away in "farm country".

I enjoy the thrill of riding a bike but am old enough to not act like an idiot on anything that can kill and motorcycles are very dangerous. At same time, I cant help my love of open roads with some nice corners and ocean views. I think a lower powered street bike/roadster is the way to go for me.

I do not plan on doing touring or doing uber long distances. 1-2 hours rides maximum.

Any advice? Anyone here ridden or tested these?

Is ABS critical? Wish more motorcycle companies had ABS on all their bikes.

Thanks in advance,
To me ,ABS is not critical. But obviously it is a confidence builder for you and confidence is an integral part of successful riding. Therefore, I think ABS IS critical for you. I have never ridden an F800 but I HAVE ridden a Ducati 696 monster and feel for your purposes, it is a great first bike. A woman who worked for me had a Monster 620 for her first bike and loved it...her only complaint was it could have used a little more "grunt". VOILA!!! ...the 696 is everything the 620 was , with a little more grunt. While iIcant disagree with others' comments that a used first bike is best and that a used kawasaki 500 is a good starter, I also understand the draw of a new "sexy" bike. Buy what you like and feel comfortable with and ENJOY!!
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