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Default help for choosing bike

Hi guys,
Ive been debating on getting a bike for awhile now, and I think Im finally gonna do it. I'm getting my permit and training classes start soon. My biggest question though: how do I know what type of bike is right for me?? i am 5'10" tall and 25 years old.

Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by charlie3214 View Post
My biggest question though: how do I know what type of bike is right for me??
Welcome to the forum.

There are several threads of posts about that very question on here already......and the basics are the same for EVERY new rider.

Please read those threads and then come back here with specific questions. You will have a better feel for this after your training class.

The best first time bike for most new riders is a used 250.
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my first bike ninja 500r. i wanted something for commuting, so it needed enough get up and go to stay with 75 mil an hour traffic. still sporty if you like the street bike look, but has a very up right seating position for longer rides, a 250 is alright to if you plan to stay in town. i'm 6'2" so was worried about leg room, i didn't fit on a 250, and wanted a bike i would keep for a few years without needing a bigger one. i'm a new rider as well i got the bike about a month ago love it, easy to maintain gets around 50 to the gallon. it is great to learn on cause theres not much on the low end, but get it in 6th in those higher rpms and it has what you need.
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The best first bike is something that can forgive mistakes you will make or at least be as forgiving as possible. Small and medium sized cruisers and standards are at that end and supersports are at the other end (very poor choice).
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Default Help for choosing bike


Everyone is different, having different personal values, culture, body shape, loves and hates and so forth. However there is common ground for everyone but remember just because you live in the same continent doesn't mean everyone has the same point of view. For example in many parts of Asia a 250cc bike is considered a luxury item and say a Ducati is an unattainable and impractical fantasy to them!

There are of course emotional decision in choosing your motorcycle. I have in the past bought models based purely on looks. You may do the same or want to purchase on price or specifications. There is nothing wrong with any method of justification for the purchase of your bike as long as you are happy with it!
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I wrestled with this same decision about 4 weeks ago. I finished the MSF course and got my motorcycle endorsement. I solicited a lot of advice from different riders that I knew. Each one had a different perspective. I started to realize that their perspectives were based upon their individual experiences.

I was leaning towards a 250 cc since that is what I had trained on. I am 54 years old, 5'9" and weigh about 195. I decided to try a larger bike before I made my decision. I test drove a Honda Shadow 750 RS. I was a bit nervous since it was a much bigger engine than what I had previously ridden. I rode it around the dealers lot a couple of times. The sales guy said that if I did not have a problem navigating the parking lot at 10 - 15 mph then the road would not be a problem. So I went out on the roads (Sunday morning) and felt fine. I then test drove a Harley 883 Low. Started on the parking lot and ended on the road.

I ended up buying the 2005 Harley 883 Low. I negotiated a good price and then drove it 40 miles home. I now have 120 miles of riding experience under my belt and am happy that I did not go with the 250cc bike.

I only venture out on Sunday mornings for rides around the back roads and am really enjoying it. I respect the power and obey the speed limits. My recommendation is to test drive a few and go with the bike that feels the most comfortable to you.
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The last post was a year before yours. Good info but I don't think the guy that posted will read it.
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Default Derek, Sugut, Connor and Owen Philippines

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Default Bradley, Dudley, Brenton and Rozhov Cameroon

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Default Copper, Milok, Denpok and Hauke Suriname

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