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Default Riding motorcycle, reality and games

Hi there I am just a newbie on motorcycles. I just purchased one last 2 moths ago, so I am just a little bit extra careful. There are much I need to know but slowly I can learn it. This is reality! this is not the computer game on motocross I am used of playing, where in its okay if I crashed along the pavement or crash on an electric post. But thanks to site like this. I can gain knowledge fro you guys.


Have Fun Playing Angry Birds Online

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Originally Posted by methusela123 View Post
Hi there I am just a newbie on motorcycles.
Welcome to the site.

If you haven't already, please consider taking a beginners training class......like the MSF offers in the US.

And remember that practice makes perfect.....or at least makes you more competent.
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Riding can be a lifetime of fun, or the worst decision one makes, stay "...a little bit extra careful" and you can keep it fun.
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For sure riding is a lifetime experiance and to ride a new bike one need to be cautious. Well, if you are a completely new rider do take classes first and then get on it.
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Default Riding motorcycle, reality and games


I don't think head injuries are the most common type of injury from motorcycle accidents, but they are the most serious, perhaps the most life-altering, and certainly the most expensive (in dollars). As with all injuries, there's no way to prevent them entirely, but they can be minimized with careful riding, and of course by wearing a helmet. Frankly I'm not even sure helmets help that much, but I figure it's the least I can do.
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Default Tyler, Gunock, Yussuf and Marus Cayman islands

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Default Brontobb, Grompel, Sven and Pyran Italy

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Default Aila, Vak, Ningal and Brant Liberia

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Default Hurit, Tamkosch, Ur-Gosh and Kalesch Mali

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