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Default My off-road skills

Driving off-road motorcycles, would face sharp turns, bumpy, slippery, vacate, etc., it is easy to lose balance.
First, in order to maintain balance, to be timely by sitting, squat in the driving position. Sitting normally straight, turn, slip used as squat more effort, be able to save your energy to make the save. But no matter what position, legs should always be clamped on both sides of the body, unless the support leg to be stretched out to maintain balance or in the air so difficult skills.
Driving position is a prerequisite to master other skills, is the most basic elements.
Off-road motorcycle can be up and down a certain slope of the hill, but many drivers believe that there is no difficulty in doing so, in fact, this idea is unrealistic, often because of immature technology and setbacks. On the contrary, should be in accordance with scientific methods, repeated practice to master the driving skills.
Upgrade should be the center of gravity forward, upper body prone on the handlebars, the case up front, keeping in mind the appropriate pull-back waist, increase the rear wheel load, to avoid rear-wheel skid, bang on the top of the hill in the middle can not have pause, we must strive to the end, where to the end of the confidence is very important. When the motorcycle arrived in top of the hill, we must quickly bent legs at the same time slow down.
Downhill should be possible to slow down. After the brake should be the main brake, brake before the secondary.
Downhill when the arms and legs straight, pull back the waist as far as possible, the focus moved back. When the front wheel to avoid obstacles in the vehicle forward. At the same time minimize twisting the handlebar one go downhill, so you can maximize avoid roll smoothly down to its base.
Turn off-road vehicle in motion when the surface can tilt steering and tilt steering itself. Use its own steering brakes tilt steering and throttle steering.
Using the brake steering, the motorcycle can be more quickly into the corner, left hand grab the clutch, turn towards the direction of handlebar pressure to tilt the body after extraversion slammed the brakes at the same time, so that the rear wheels locked, body on will be horizontal rotation, so go to the direction of travel, the rapid refueling door, loose clutch, motorcycle out on a new direction.
Accelerate the shift towards use of the accelerator should be used when a lower gear, left hand grab the clutch, using the weight of its own natural tilt motor, a foot switch to the direction of the step. Another foot in the pedal rod, knee close to the body, the body outward tilt, when the body tilt angle is large enough, the rapid refueling door, loose clutch, when the rear wheels begin to left as the center of a circle rotation, when after the desired direction to quickly erect body and the body, the motorcycle out of another new direction.
In cross country, in the field of leisure activities, we will be driving off-road motorcycle trail walk through the countryside, while the road hang depression, rugged rocks, it is necessary, otherwise also does not embody the fun of driving off-road vehicles.
In this uneven road driving, to master these skills.
Always maintain the natural upper body relaxed, while slightly bending forward, not be stiff, maintaining the status quo. Knees clamping body, lower body and the body to the bedrock. Hips left their seats, using a semi upright position. So that when the washboard-like road motorcycle road when severe bumps and shaking, but the body can still maintain a good balance. Special attention is the clutch and throttle control must be tacit, otherwise, may lean forward or backward.
So, we will definitely get more in the off-road activities to enjoy.
Jumps in the race are commonplace, and its great potential for skills development. Of course, it should be noted, does not jump to the people who run the fastest. Tiaode Gao, you can do some difficult movements, performing a more certain.
The approach to take-off point, the body to take semi-standing position; maintain an appropriate speed, if the full speed, it may be due to excessive and dangerous speed; When you get the best take-off point, look at full throttle, while the handle to the body before pulling; then vacated and vehicles, in the air when the knees clamped tight body, throttle return in situ, the waist forward, whole body relaxed, ready to absorb the impact when the ground; the way to the rear wheels when the first landing on the front along the way, this can be a common front and rear wheels absorb heavy impact. If the front wheel to front wheel first landing or impact dispersion, then can make a car out of balance.
Ride a motorcycle and a leading supplier of outdoor activities. Access to my data.
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Maybe you could teach my grandmother to suck eggs next.
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On the plus side it reminded me of one of my favorite '60's Japanese motorcycle owners manual translations..
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