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Default Binding when shifting

I have a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 500R with 40,000 miles on it. Motor runs well, starts easily, zero smoke. But, after the first ten minutes the bike becomes harder to up or downshift. It's especially bad when you have to brake and are trying to go down three gears. Neutral is harder to find; and I have to pull up hard from 1st to recover neutral at a stop.

Any experienced bike mechanics out there?
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Originally Posted by galenmanapat View Post
the bike becomes harder to up or downshift.
1) Check the oil. If it's close to being due, change it.

2) Lubricate all the shift linkage pivot points, paying special attention to the rod going into the transmission case. Chain lube is NOT good for this. Use oil.......or WD 40 followed in a few hours by oil.
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Sounds like something is bent or worn. Could be the dogs and slots most likely or a bent shift fork. One easy way to test the 2nd gear is to slowly let the clutch out with front brake applied.

The rear will raise up basically putting a load on the gear your in and see if it pops out of gear into a false neutral. Be careful not to let the clutch out all the way and keep your brake lever squeezed. You can usually check 1st and 2nd gear like this. Not full proof but will give you an idea.
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Had the problem before.. After a bunch of reading and video watching it seems like the most likely culprit of my shifting issues is the bushing on the shifter handle..

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