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Default My 1987 Vulcan Pukes Petro

last rode in November and went to start it in march.Starts but its blowing gas out of a breather hose that comes form the air breather hose fitting on right side under gas tank,,,i have drained the float bowl drains screws and blew some air in them,that did not help any
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I would say the floats are sticking or the float needles are gunked and not shutting off the gas flow. Common with bikes that sit. Time to get those carbs off for a good cleaning. Not fun, but necessary.
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Next year go out and at least start and idle the bike until it's warm every couple months. That's save you a lot of hassle come spriing.

Since it's an '87 and if it hasn't had the carbs pulled and cleaned they were probably building gunk up and it finally became too much. After cleaning them run carb cleaner in the fuel. also when you store the bike don't forget to use fuel stabilizer. It'll suspend any moisture in the fuel and reduce the corrosion.
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Sta-bil and a battery maintainer. Cheap insurance!

Maybe a blanket to keep the cats off.
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Look on the bright side, now you don't have to ride the POS
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