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Default Re: 2002 Kawasaki Pricing

The W650 an original idea? Maybe to Triumph and BSA in the 60s.
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Default Doesn't *necessarily* mean it's been dropped...

W650 is in a totally separate category on Kaw's web site from any of those models MO listed, a category called "Retro." There are other bikes not listed by MO, e.g. the Police models which do have prices of course even though they're only sold new to qualified entities. Could be Kaw just hasn't published a price for it yet.

OTOH sales have surely been decimated by the fact you can now get an 800cc Triumph Bonneville for very little more. Even though the W is an even more accurate repro of a 60's Britbike than the '01 Bonnie in certain details, that Triumph badge and considerably more motor for your cycle has got to make it hard to sell W650s in the same ballpark.

I'd hate to see it go too because it's something very unusual if not original, like the Honda GB500 (which btw was short-lived). Rarely does a pretty bike ever come from any Japanese manufacturer, and the GB500 is now worth more than it's original price (something also very rare for any Japanese bike that's not older than most of the readers here).
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Default Re: 2002 Kawasaki Pricing

I was also looking forward to a new 7R. With the updated styling and comfort of the 6R and 9R, it would be a nice intermediate between the two. I'd like a little more power than the 6, but I'm sure I'd lose my license on the 9.
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Originally Posted by IndianBikes View Post
I also noticed that.
But you failed to notice that the thread you replied to is 10 YEARS OLD.
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