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VFRTed 01-03-2002 04:39 AM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
My 98 VFR makes 103rwhp with over 55lb-ft of torque with just a slip-on and K&N. It made 99.9 bone stock. Why would I lay out a big wad o cash to buy a heavier bike with less power?

Call me crazy, but shouldn't new models be improvements over the prior. The underseat exhaust is slick in concept, but even the execution is poor.

Call me crazy, but I'm not buying

HyperBusa 01-03-2002 05:50 AM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
Oh I won't. You guys are forcing me to PAY to read your lousy opinions. You can keep them to yourself. Oh, and has it ever occured to the other VFR bashers here that not everyone one the planet owns one, and that there are probably PLENTY of people interested in adding one to their garage even if it doesn't make 80000 rwhp? Do you guys still ride to have fun...or because you have a small penis?

longride 01-04-2002 02:57 AM

Re: To quote the iguana, with a twist
Relax there Squirrel, because MrVfr's post was one of the best he has ever put out. You see, he has nothing to add of any worth, so these gem posts are what you get from him. I have spanked this little boy before and sent him to bed without his cookies. Now he is stomping his feet and holding his breath. Not a problem though, because 1st grade will be back in session soon and he will be busy with **** and Jane and nappy times instead of bothering people here. Never know, he may actually grow up one day, but don't hold your breath.

luvmyvfr 01-11-2002 05:28 PM

Re: Ugly Tech-Is it a sportsbike? from xsquirrelykid
So... You had to adjust the valves every 16,000 miles on a bike you "racked up 9000 miles on"?

The newer VFR's (98-01) never EVER have to get the valves adjusted. A big selling point for me.

HyperBusa 02-16-2002 10:41 AM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
From what I've read the bike has been improved in every way except for the engine, which is basically the same. So you have a point: existing VFR owners should just keep what they have, but for those of us in the market it still a very attractive bike for what it does. In fact, I put a $1000 deposit on the next one at our dealer after taking a test ride. I almost bought the last generation VFR, but go the Busa instead...I should have gotten the VFR, more my riding style. So I'm going to get one now, and when they DO bump it up to 1000cc, my wife will get the '02 Viffer. ;-)

1aboxer 04-16-2002 08:13 AM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
Guess what, just sold an R1100S last week. This week I bought a VFR. I love it. I have also sampled many R1's GSXR's and yes you cannot compare the two. But the place where the new VFR excels in my mind that you can't put on paper is actual feel, sorry but if you want to know how good it is you will have to ride one. Roll on power is quite nice, it pulls out on top rather well too. As far as weight goes, on paper it is only marginally lighter than the BMW it replaced but as far as actual handling and feel on the back roads it feels 100lbs lighter. I couldn't be more pleased with it. It looks a lot better in person in my opninion as well. I thought the photos did not do it justice. Riding position for me was spot on, couldn't be happier, actually I found it more comfy than the BMW, I am only 5'8" and I do not have long arms and the reach on the bmw was a bit long for me. I only have a couple hundred miles on it right now but the future for many more miles looks great. As far as valve adjustment comments and problems with the vtec, I'm not concerned, if any of you have kept up with problems on new models I think you will find Honda is one of the few that never sends a new model out that gets a recall. I do recall other japanese brands getting recalls with new models that were attempting to rush them out to beat Honda to a few sales which usually backfired on them. Anyone can send hate mail at this point I'm out of time for now.

JeffMcq 09-30-2002 12:06 PM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
I'm thinking about buying a VFR and wondered about a comment someone made about sore wrists despite the relatively friendly ergos of the VFR. I've recently spent some time on a TLR and found my wrists uncomfortable after about an hour on the bike.

Twisted 10-02-2002 08:13 AM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
Desmo valves had a place years ago when valve springs were of poor quality and had a tendency to easily float the valves. Desmo valves today are totally unnecessary and too complicated.

It's true that Ducati has won a lot of races...could 916/996/998cc vs. 750cc has had more to do with it than Desmo valves??

Just recently, Colin Edward's Honda 'smoked' Troy Baliss' Ducati for the World Superbike Championship. (I give tremendous credit to Bayliss for one heck of an effort and great riding...he just didn't have the machine to beat the 'little' Honda...Desmo or not!)

rider_md 11-17-2002 10:42 AM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
this comparison says nothing other than "the bike performed the same way it did the previous year" and "no significant difference can be observed"

if you want to legitimately ATTEMPT to extrapolate performance of a brand/model based on dynoruns of qty:1, '01 and qty:1, '02 bike, you need margins of error for each line showing torque & hp.

with error margins up & down each line, i believe the chart will show ZERO difference.

multiple runs of each bike could do a better job illustrating differences, but the problem still remains the same: the comparison will be better defined for those two particular bikes.

you could probably get the same dyno readings just by taking two bikes from the same model year and running them on the same dyno.

so what's my point?

just this: dynos are best utilized in comparing A bike before and after modifcations, and for making GROSS (LARGE & APPARENT) differences in various models / makes.

Twisted 09-27-2003 06:41 AM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
Yeah, I guess the latest generation VFR is attractive...but 'attactive' is subjective. Losing the gear-driven cams for VTEC is a huge mistake. That gear whine is VFR trademark sound and the gears work better than a chain.

Regarding color options...VFR's are supposed to be RED, not yellow (which Honda tried), not silver and black, etc. Ferrari has color options other than red but a Ferrari is also supposed to be RED. Saw a red Testarossa last week...enough to give ya' a woodie. Ever seen a silver Ferrari?...ugly...ugleee!

Oh well, all this is subjective and opinionated but fun to talk about. My humble opinion is that the 98 VFR is the best one ever built and that VFR's and Ferrari's are special machines that look best in RED.

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