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The_AirHawk 03-17-2007 08:34 AM

Re: New bike tires... Handling change?
You'll get used to this small of change within 40-50 miles, if you don't do something silly. If anything, it will make steering feel a bit heavier - slightly taller tyre (due to the aspect ratio).

Really though, I'd say if you have to ask about this, you're not going to notice it as much as you're afraid you will.

Ride it, see how it feels. If it really bothers you that much, raise the forks 3-5mm in the triples. That should compensate for the slight ride-height change.

The_AirHawk 03-17-2007 08:50 AM

Re: New bike tires... Handling change?
Sorry, I'm a bit fuzzy this morn: Yes, what they said about tyre.

Should have read it more than twice.

The_AirHawk 03-17-2007 08:55 AM

Re: New bike tires... Handling change?
'cept for mebbe that "tighter turns" part.

The_AirHawk 03-17-2007 08:56 AM

Re: New bike tires... Handling change?
For God's sake! Will somebody ELSE reply to this thread?

The_AirHawk 03-17-2007 08:57 AM

Re: New bike tires... Handling change?
I mean, I feel like KPaul........

The_AirHawk 03-17-2007 08:58 AM

Re: New bike tires... Handling change?
OK, I guess I'll just keep on ramblin'-on 'til somebody else comes along.........

Kreb_Cycle 03-17-2007 08:58 AM

Re: New bike tires... Handling change?
Excellent use of facts/data.

The_AirHawk 03-17-2007 09:00 AM

Re: New bike tires... Handling change?

I was beginning to think I was the only one who survived the Crash.......

ewok1 03-17-2007 09:04 AM

I don't think you will notice any real difference on your goof 2. Except any new tire should be nice compared to your shagged front. It seems to me most of the turning resistance that makes a difference comes at high speeds. i like the idea above of raising the forks a tad with a slightly taller tire, but you could probably also think about adding a click of preload to the shock. I believe dunlops stick good but are less stable at speed, in other words you can experience a little headshake on acceleration or a rapid pace. michelins seem to have less of that in my experience. i don't understand enough about profile and construction to know why this is. maybe its just me, but i doubt it. i use dunlops for the consistency mid corner.

dorkboy 03-17-2007 09:18 AM

Re: New bike tires... Handling change?
As AirHawk said, you can account for the taller tire by raising the forks in the triples. The most accurate way to determine the amount of difference is to measure the circumference of your current tire/wheel combo, divide by pi to get diameter, and divide the result by 2 to get the radius. Perform the same calculation on the new tire/wheel combo, and the difference between the two results is the amount you would need to raise the fork tubes in the triple clamps to have the same ride-height in front. All of this may be moot for you anyway. I would make the measurements in case, and just ride the bike after the change and see how it feels, gradually getting up to your usual pace. If it feels ok, ride it and don't worry about it. If it feels uncomfortable, make the adjustment to ride height. Don't forget to be easy on the new tires no matter what you decide, they can be slick!

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