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Weezel 06-10-2003 08:43 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
I no longer live in the Bay aea, but I remember those winds. It's a personal choice - I hate windshields but I live in the desert now and it's not a big issue. I think there's buffeting both ways, just different. Most cruiser windshields cause more focal head buffeting off the top - at least that's been my experience - which annoys me more than chest blast. And I don't like the updraft from beneath or the backdraft from behind. The whole dynamic is poor in regards to bike handling. Having said that, I think windshields are great in the rain which is a pretty big consideration if you're not in the drier East Bay. And when the temperature drops they're pretty comfy. Probably worth the investment if you get one that pops on and off quickly. Then you can use it as needed.

electraglider_1997 06-10-2003 08:45 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
The worst bridges are the ones with the metal grate that you can see through. Gives me the willies. As for the windshield. I like them and used to ride without one before I knew better. For long distance you can't do without unless you like being twice as tired as you ought to be at the end of the day. I'm in Nebraska so I can't relate to your Bay Bridge but can imagine what you are going through. I have had the wind hit me in the middle of a tornado storm and it felt like the hand of God moving me into the other lane and there wasn't anything I could do about it. No traffic out in the middle of the Pine Ridge Indian Res thank God.

SmokeU 06-10-2003 09:26 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
The wind blows just about everyday and often times very strongly here in SD. I have a smaller windshield on my Magna that I find just OK. It looks really good, but I thought it would work better than it does. It's short enough that it keeps the wind off of my hands, arms, and chest, and it hits at about the chin of my helmet. Yes, I wear leathers and a full face helmet on a cruiser(even when I ride the Deuce). It's a Memphis Shades Bladerunner, it'd look good on a Marauder, but if you want function(but you didn't get an SV 650 or Concours so you must not) find a different windshield.

Betamax 06-10-2003 09:27 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
I wasn't a big fan of windshields until I rode a bike that had one...I immediately went out and bought one myself, though I bought a smaller 'sport' shield rather than the 'barn door' variety.

I didn't mind the wind so much, but it can tire you out over a long day's riding, and the shield alleviates that tiredness...and that's worth the money it cost.

Lowrez 06-10-2003 09:43 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
I'll second the quick detachment nomination. It is a special feeling to be able to switch modes in 60 seconds or less. Though I can't say how much better a windshield will make bridge riding, I know it does wonders for foul weather and long distance. Unless you're a fair weather to-the-bar biker, get the winshield.

cornercarver 06-10-2003 10:07 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
Some bikes are most definitely more susceptible to buffetting wind more than others. Depending upon the bike, adding a windshield, particularly a fork mounted windshield, isn't really going to help the problem.

On the other hand, I've noticed that different people on the same bike seem to be much more suscpetible to cross winds than others. For most people, this is a result of maintaining a tight grip on the handlebars, frequently made worse by the anziety of riding in windy conditions. When you have a white knuckle grip on the bars, every movement of your head or body transfers to the bars and causes the bike to steer. This sets up a vicious cycle wherein the rider tightens his grip even further, making the next gust even worse. I ride the Bay bridge quite frankly (although never on a Marauder or even a similar bike). On my various bikes, I've never felt buffetting that upset the bike much at all, unless weather conditions were really ugly (stormy).

Before you spend a bunch of money and time on a project which may or may not help the problem, I would suggest that the next time you ride over the Bay Bridge when traffic isn't too bad (yeah, that'll happen!), try relaxing your grip on the bars as much as possible. I find it a useful tip to tell people to flap their elbows. If your arms are relaxed enough to flap your elbows, they are usually relaxed enough to damp all but the strongest inputs from wind.

I suspect that you'll find that the wind effect is greatly reduced when you are relaxed. Once you see it for yourself, it usually doesn't take long for you to learn not to tense up in adverse conditions, instinctively. This GREATLY increases your chance of a positive outcome in all sorts of potential incidents that can occur on a bike.

If that doesn't do it, I would try to find a Marauder riders group somewhere on line. Every bike reacts to a windshield so differently, and most bikes react to different windshields in very different ways, that it is worth consulting the collective wisdom of a group of Marauder riders, who will be able to direct you away from shields that have proven to be troublesome.

philipj 06-10-2003 10:08 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
I have a small thumbnail flyscreen on my SV650. It's just a little thing, doesn't interrupt the looks of the bike too much, and offers more protection than you might think.

pfeehan 06-10-2003 11:04 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
You'll get blasted on any of the bay area bridges with or without a windshield, with or without a tight grip. However, relaxing is ALWAYS a good idea as the previos poster pointed out.

I rode an XL 600 for years and even had a factory Honda windshield on that. Rode it across country! I now ride an Intruder 800 and cross the bay area bridges frequently. (Try the Golden Gate on a windy day!) The wind is bad, always will be, get used to it. Some shields, depending on how big they are could make it worse.

I tried my Intruder for a few weeks without the shield. need the shield. I went for the cheap man's version which is a Maier sport style shield for under $60. I posted the link to JC Whitney.

This shield does a great job. There are bigger ones available, but I don't like the 70's cop-bike look, like you'll see on a Road King. The Maier would look good on the Marauder, fits the styling. I set mine just below eye level so I can duck behind it if need be. It's brainless to mount and comes on and off easily.

Good Luck.

pfeehan 06-10-2003 11:09 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
Sorry, I told you the wrong shield style. I bought the Custom Cruiser style (Type A and B) on the Whitney website.

rollo1 06-10-2003 11:10 AM

Re: ''To windshield or not....''
I have a 2001 marauder and just put on the Suzuki windshield. I am 5'10'' and have it adjusted 2-3 inches above the headlight. Wind hits me in the head slightly. If I tuck a little or lean back it gets pretty quiet. I guess what I'm saying is that it is just enough. I really like the looks (small), it was easy to install. It offers no hand protection, but I was concerned about the handling in windy conditions. Its OK up to 25mph side wind. I don't ride if it is windier. I'm going to put hand shields on one of these days.

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