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Default Re: Advice from an SV owner

I have also used the Ventura system, as well as RKA (and other) soft luggage.

RKA -> Quality stuff, and great customer support. I have had two screwed-up orders, one of which was my fault (and the other, according to RKA, a disgruntled employee). Both times, even on the one where I ordered the wrong item (which I admitted to them), RKA went out of their way to get me the right items quickly, and without any penalty to me. Great people to deal with, and for soft luggage, I can't imagine a better product to use or company to deal with.

Ventura -> I feel I did get my money's worth with this system, all on one trip. It is very easy to go from rack to luggage, and if you are riding solo, having both bags will give you a huge capacity (more than any hard tail case). On my bike (an ST4), install wasn't the easiest, though. It did take some grunting and swearing to get the sucker on right. Maybe I was shipped the wrong parts, or maybe the tolerances weren't so great, but it was alot harder than it should have been to install this system. Once on, though, everything worked as advertised, and I was pleased with the product.

As I mentioned before (in the first post - and all things being equal), I still like hard luggage over soft, for the weather protection, security, and protection of the contents. But, I realise there are some advantages to soft luggage. And, if you go that route, the Ventura is a good alternative to a hard tail case. And, for saddlebags, tank bags, and rear bags, it is very hard to go wrong with RKA.

Lastly, the three best bike-oriented companies to deal with from both a customer service and quality of product perspective are RKA, Cycle Gadgets, and Aerostich. IMO.

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Default Re: Advice on luggage for SV650S

I own a set of Ortlieb DryBag Saddlebags. They are soft luggage and waterproof. Very easy to put on and take off. They only have one compartment though so they may not be to your liking. Anyhoo, they can be had from www.aerostich.com and cost $167. I highly recommend them. I would go with softluggage if you have more than one bike (or are thinking about getting another) for obvious reasons. Mine go between an SV and a KLR650.

have a better one!
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Default Re: Advice on luggage for SV650S

I've been riding with a top box on a variety of bikes -- VFR800, Transalp, ZRX1100, Bandit1200, R1100GS, DR250, etc., for years, at speeds up to 140mph. Poor handling has never been an issue.

And having a top box when you blow past a sportbike guy in the twisties is great for making him feel that much worse
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Default Re: Advice on luggage for SV650S

Actually, the tourmaster stuff is water resistant UNTIL you put the raincovers on the side bags. I found this out after riding about 30 minutes in a moderate Houston rain (cats and dogs) The raincovers hook around the bottom of the bag, and make a nice pocket for rain to collect in. This water then has plenty of time to soak through the primary bag material and ruin your copy of Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

The waterproofness issue was solved when somebody stole my soft bags from off my bike, along with a bunch of my favorite stuff. I now have a three bag Givi setup, which has proven waterproof and theft proof for three years.

Learn from my experience, if you want waterproof bags, or if you want to be able to leave stuff on your bike unattended, then get the Givi's. Or you can buy tourmaster stuff if you want your stuff to be all soggy and ruined when somebody steals it.

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Default Re: Advice on luggage for SV650S

The local Suzuki dealer has a V-Strom set up with the color matched Givi bags and top trunk. I'm not sure of the price but the mounting system and color matching look great. I use a Marsee expanding tank bag on my Suzuki but if I needed more capacity I'd get the Givi set up.
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Default Re: Advice on luggage for SV650S

I'll chime in on the Ventura system. I've had it on three bikes now and I love it. There are 4 different sized bags to choose from and I have them all. They each can do their own thing and the two middle sized bags can be used in conjuntion to allow a whole lot of storage. While I would love hard luggage it just isn't in the cards for a while and besides, when I move to San Diego I plan on splitting lanes at every opportunity.

I also love that you can carry around the bags with backpack straps, very handy. My only real beef with them is the rating of only 20 lbs, but I believe that Givi's have the same limitation.
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