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Default Inherited/Bought a 2000 Sportster 883

Hey all..

My wife's Dad passed away in December at 82 years old and was still riding his customized 2000 Harley Sportster 883 until just before his death. We were very close and I asked if I could buy his Harley since I've always wanted a motorcycle but marriage/kids/responsibility got in the way. But now at 48 I've got a kitchen pass from my wife to get a bike and she's happy I'm getting his Harley that he loved so much.

I've been on small scooters a couple of times and am good on mountain bikes but I've never driven a motorcycle. I've driven manual trans cars and am hoping that helps the learning curve.

Taking my MSF course next weekend and then have the bike tuned up and checked over as well since it sat for several months.

It was pretty emotional when they were also able to give me all of his leather riding gear that fits me perfectly other than the helmet which I will get new.

Looking forward to taking it SLOW and easy and also honoring Papa by keeping his bike on the road and in the family..

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Although it'd be preferable to join the ranks under happier circumstances, I hope you enjoy the ride!

Pay attention in class!

See if you can find the 'new riders sticky' hereabouts. Lots of good info.

Welcome to the site!
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Morbo the Destroyer
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That's a pretty neat story. I hope you enjoy the bike.
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I'll count myself lucky if I am still riding motorcycles at 80 .. if I even get that old. Enjoy your bike!
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Default Rasarus, Copper, Amul and Josh Monaco

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Default Sanuyem, Candela, Kan and Kafa Singapore

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Default Thordir, Lisk, Sinikar and Grubuz Malta

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Default Ismael, Rakus, Ramirez and Yokian Tunisia

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Default Nemrok, Taklar, Irmak and Kirk Grenada

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