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longride 10-20-2003 05:42 AM

Re: One MO Time
I take everything you say as a compliment from someone too ignorant to know when he is DEAD WRONG. You never said what your so-called company produced, so I ASSUME it was nothing tangible. My arguments may lack lots of things, but never the truth. Maybe you need to start with something that made sense in the first place before you opened your uninformed mouth.

longride 10-20-2003 05:44 AM

Re: Another Record?
Name the dealer. I'll call and call you a bullshytter right to your face.

longride 10-20-2003 05:53 AM

Re: plan of action
Gee I have to leave cause you said so? Now ask me if I give a shyt what you think. You say stupid stuff you get a stupid response. Free speech is a bytch, ain't it? I'd assume since you got your feelings hurt by being uninformed, or just plain ignorant, you need us to go away to feel better about yourself. How about worrying about yourself and I'll take care of myself. Or here's a hint. Actually know what you are talking about before writing. Hey, now there's a novel idea, eh?

captainwhoopass 10-22-2003 06:13 AM

Re: agree to disagree
30 grand? Go back and look- try 17 grand.

And you didn't ***** me off. It takes more than sheer ignorance to accomplish that.

captainwhoopass 05-28-2004 10:03 AM

Re: plan of action
By the way, I don't now and never have in my life owned a Harley, so I don't understand how I could possibly be part of the Harley faithful.

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