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Default Arnold signs motorcycle specific anti-noise bill

Yayyyy! We did it!

Arnold terminates loud pipes | Hell for Leather
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What a crock. The public should be grateful to have the sound of a burly V-Twin exhaust echoing through their neighborhood. What sounds better than drag pipes on a Shovelhead when you slap the throttle closed at 60 mph? Or a pair of freshly re-packed 2Bros M-5s, on a well-tuned Vee at 8,000 rpm? Nothing, that's what.

Now, that high-pitched whine from modded 1-4s and Triples, THAT SUCKS. There oughta be a law...
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Thank the sportbike and HD posers for this.

Told y'all it was coming for years.

Well, I guess that's the end of the custom pipe market. Thanks posers!
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Default Already in place

There is already a noise law in place in California.This makes it easier for the Policia to issue citations. They seem to be unable to determine what is loud and what is not without the sticker.Now trained EPA specialsts will be able to help make the determination needed to make the dough roll in.
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That bill was on a rider to cut back on early release bill for crim's.

I wish they'd do something like that here, and loud pipes too, noisey bastardo's
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