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Default Re: Ducati 999 - Owner Report

I have a 2002 ST4s that I bought new in June 2003. Just past the 13000 mile mark...NO problems. I've addressed functional problems such as the uncomfortable seat and the weak headlights. Items that Ducati fixed with the 2004 ST series. I love my bike and my dealer in Tucson, AZ is great. Sorry about your bike Bro. You unfortunately bought a Lemon. Best of luck with the new bike. Don't give up the faith.
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Default Re: I'll trade you

I've had 2 Porsches and I am looking at a newer 911 right now. I get it! I will say that the $200 oil changes on my old air/ oil-cooled versions were enough to keep most of the wanabees on the sidelines. I am looking forward to the water-cooled model in that regard. "There is no substitute". Is your 944 a standard of an "S"?
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Default Re: Ducati 999 - Owner Report

IÂ’ve got a "rat" 1990 VFR that I paid $1500 for, while a friend has a 2000 ST4 that he stole for around $7000. Having ridden them both IÂ’d have to say the ST4 is the better bike, but not by all that much. In "my world," where money is sometimes tight, responsibilities are numerous and status symbols are just symbols, Ducatis donÂ’t really figure into the equation.

I am fairly utilitarian in nature, so I tend to look at bikes with an eye toward how much of a beating they will take, before they become more trouble than they're worth. To me, the thought of seriously flogging a Ducati, is like playing WiffleBall with a Faberge Egg (Good luck! Have fun! Do callÂ…when the Meds wear off.). While I understand the Ducati thing, I tend to think itÂ’s a mite surreal (thatÂ’s just me).

Please, donÂ’t take offenseÂ…just my opinion, and most times I donÂ’t have much regard for it, myself.

Yeah, well, you can get up and leave, DEAL WITH IT!
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Default Re: Ducati 999 - Owner Report

This sort of stuff reminds me of my old VF1100s Honda Saber. Look on the internet and all you will see is how badly the cam lobes pit. A sure sign of impending doom. Never buy the bike. Stay away for sure. Yeah, I looked. The lobes indeed showed some pitting. So, I decided to do nothing. Bike ran great. Never should have sold it. You really need to draw on a large sample of customer input and then make a choice. Even then bad stuff will happen. I thank this gentleman for the 999 info. and will store it where I keep my "don't buy a Buell" information. Then, one day, I just might buy both (if Ducati restyles that mess).
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Default Speedscycle

I bought my Multistrada from Speed. Great store, great guy, great bike. I trust their service will be as good.

And HEY stop knocking the Multistrada unless you've ridden it and didn't like it. It's awesome with almost 3k miles, and I have yet to hear anything negative about it from a gawker/bystander/inquirer either. It looks awesome to them and me (in non-Ducati black at least).
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Default Re: Ducati 999 - Owner Report

I walk by a lonely looking 1100 Sabre everyday on my way to work. It received a new temporary plate this Spring and hasn't moved off of the guy's porch since. It's in Arlington, VA. If you're desperate to spend some money, I am sure its owner would listen to offers...
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