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Originally Posted by MOKE1K View Post
Oh no doubt they are fun, I'v enjoyed that ride many times.(XB9R) Even got to race one once, but to be leading edge on a track it's alot more practical to get a Japanese bike. Aftermarket parts and availability of those parts makes it the obvious choice.

Your right it is all rider, but I have'nt meet anyone yet on the street I had to chase down on a Rotax oops I mean Buell. Although theres one rider I probly could'nt catch on a buell on a track. D.Estock. Fast mutha!!!
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Originally Posted by MOKE1K View Post
Buells bore me. Sorry, just wished they would make something that was competitive as my cookie cutter bike.
Why do they bore you? Is it the style? Is it the lack of power compared to the I4's? Elaborate.
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Originally Posted by pplassm View Post
I have a 5 year old XB9S. Everytime I think about selling it, a quick ride tells me otherwise.

They're dirt cheap, used, BTW.
I've been off and on looking for used XB series Buells, and around here they don't seem to be all that easy to find cheap. Then again, I may have a warped definition of "cheap." And used Ulyes are almost impossible to find at any price. May depend on where you live.
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