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Default Re: Who Needs Six Speeds to Go 30 MPH?

I test rode a Uly a few months ago. It was very easy to do (Bellevue, WA). Walked in, talked about the bike and sat on it. Was practically forced out the door on a test ride. Signed some "you break, you buy" paperwork and off I went. I was simply told to be back in 1 hour.

It wasn't quite my cup of my tea, but unlike some of the other HD dealers around here this place actually had a Buell specialist of the floor, by the bikes, ready and waiting. It was an excellent experience.
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Default Re: 6-Speed Buell?

ok thanks guys.

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Default Buell 6 Speed ....Wayyyyyyyy Overdue

The Buell should have been the very first motorcycle with a six speed or even more speeds to keep the bike realllly cooking with such a low redline.

I would go with a seven speed to just one up everyone yet keep the first gear same, or near the same as now, so the result would be a bike with an ultra close gear ratio and easy to keep in the sweet spot compared to now where the rpms drop off between shifts too much.

A six or seven speed also offsets the low Buell rpm compared to say Aprilia or Ducati enable the Buell to be the best it can with the current motor.

I will put my money on this..........they make a six or seven speed Buell and I will sell my Aprilia and buy the Uly.

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Default Dynaflow Buell

I forsee a Buell with a Dynaflow, Flight Pitch to be exact. Infinte variable pitch gearing to keep that old lump of a motor in the "sweet spot".

Watch out for sticking it in reverse when you slam it into low gear btw. Maybe next Buell can go to a "nail head" design, in keeping with it's penchant for the latest motor tech.
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The 2008 1125R has a 6 speed.
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Default Oh no, not this V-Rod business again...

Originally Posted by Tomas_P View Post
Oh no, not this V-Rod business again...

A Buell with a Revolution motor would be an ill-handling, oversize porker. Nooo thanks.
Now why is this? Isn't the revolution derived from a racing engine? I saw those bikes in the pits, they were competitively sized. Maybe they won a race or so, too bad they couldn't get it right.

But why has productionizing it made the engine too big?

Now we have a Rotax in the new Buell, so buell obviously agrees that Revolution cannot be made a sport bike engine. Sales of street rods are pretty slow, so that whole development train is going to die I guess.
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