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Default Re: Buell Exhaust Options

i have fashioned a new exhaust for my buell using old gsxr 1000 frames
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Default don't worry about the motor

Lots of people say they would buy one if only it didn't have that motor. Sorry, but it's the heart and soul of the bike. Without it, it would just be another two wheeled anomaly.

The motor is more than capable of moving you to 'I lost my license' velocities, but is not going to outrun any jap bikes or 4 valve ducati's (in a straight line).

Buell's are a real world bikes, not repli-racers. The problem is that they are so much fun to ride the best place to do it is at the track, where it becomes quite obvious how well they handle. Usually, (for me anyways) it's a case of getting passed on the straights and catching up on the corners.

On the street the ability to ride using just 2'nd and third gear makes them great city bikes. Some people do a double take when they hear the "Harley" but see the 3/4 size, "what is it" (I get asked every time I ride it) pull up beside them.

So far (knock on wood) it's been bullet proof. Maintenance is simple on these machines, no chain to oil or adjust, no valves to adjust, just change your engine and transmission fluids regularly, and drive the #$% out of it. If there are engine problems there are lots of people who can work on it considering it's been around since the 50's!

You might want to find a place where you can get a good deal on tires, cause they get eaten up pretty quick.

The thing to do is go for a demo ride (Buell actually lets you ride before you buy). Make sure you get them to set the suspension up for you as it's critical on these machines. You will be surprised how fast you get to the legal limits, and unless you plan on riding 100mph all day there's lot's of power. Most sport bike riders biggest complaint is running out of revs @ 6800 rpm when they're used to double that.

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Default Re: Buell Exhaust Options

Jardine, Micron, Drummer, Spec ops, Buell Race muffler. All are options for an exhaust.

The Micron full exhuast seems to be the best for sound and performance.
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Default Re: Buell Exhaust Options

All that "oral" (aural) stimulation just shook-up your senses momentarily, that's all.

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