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Default New owner of a 2002 BMW R1150RT

I just bought this beauty on Ebay and am excited to pick it up this week.

My questions are, I owned a 2002 R1150R and regret selling her.

1. What should I understand about the 02 RT that is different than the R?

2. This one does not have a sound system and never came with one although it is wired and ready for one. Where can I get a good sound system for this bike?

3. After looking at the ad what options or extras should I look into. Anything from foot pegs to windshields. Any experienced owners advise is appreciated.



BMW : R-Series:eBay Motors (item 220468145172 end time Aug-24-09 18:51:07 PDT)

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Every bike I've ever owned came stock with a "sound system". Sometimes they came with a pleasant burble, sometimes a hackle-raising snarl, once a blat that would water your eyes from 10 meters away........
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If you need a system that plays music, I'm a fan of the bluetooth/earbud systems.

I have yet to hear a bike 'stereo' that sounds better than a k-mart boombox.

Check out one of the BMW forums. I'm sure there is a plethora of ideas and suggestions there.
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Riding position is a little more relaxed, you'll have a cocoon of wind protection and if I remember correctly the slot for a deck is in the left hand fairing. I believe you can stuff a couple 6" speakers in the fairing also.

Personally I run an autocomm on my BMW as I ride with earplugs. The LT I rented had a system and it was only audible to about 75mph without ear plugs. Check into an autocomm or a Bear system and hook your mp3 player / cell phone / gps / 2 way radio in and be done. Then you can also chat with your passenger.
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