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jlavey 03-15-2001 03:16 PM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
I haven't been to a lot of AMA races, but I was sitting in gravity cavity in Atlanta for the Mladin v. Ambulance incident and was at Daytona for the Pace Car fiasco. I question the race officials' decision making process in both situations.

Atlanta: If you're going to bring an ambulance on to one of the fastest parts of the track, why not red flag and wait until the guys have slowed down?

Daytona: Either yellow without the pace car or red. As we watched the pace car head out from where the bikes leave the infield and pick up the speed through the bank and on to the back stretch, I was telling my cousin that there was going to be trouble. If a layman can figure out that it means carnage, what the hell are the officials thinking?

I'm not at all confident that the AMA has their safety act together and I don't like sitting through blood sport.

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