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stevegrab 03-12-2001 07:31 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
I'm probaby taking a risk too, but you're welcome. And read on....

I'm not sure if MO is going to say this, but essentially all of these AMA Pro Racing (with that emblem), are stories sent to them by AMA Pro Racing, for posting on their site. They are not required to give credit to anybody else. But, it would be nice if they told us that's where they came from. First, that would stop us from flaming them over things that aren't correct. Second, it would stop us from going over to read the AMA story for more details, since it is the same story. Although you may still want/need to go to AMA or another site to get the full results.

MoMo 03-12-2001 07:56 AM

What happened to Duhamel?
So who knows what, exactly, happened to Duhamel? The shotty coverage on ESPN2 came back from commercial just in time to show him sitting on the bike, facing the wrong direction, surrounded by track workers. They never were able to piece any footage of the crash together.

ArtOfTheMotorcycle 03-12-2001 08:07 AM

But one rider died
You ignored the fact that one rider, Dirk Piz, died from a crash in the Buell Pro Thunder event.

kman 03-12-2001 08:20 AM

Re: But one rider died
Dirk Piz, 45, lost his life when he crashed with Kiyo Watanabe entering the chicane on the fourth lap of the Buell Pro Thunder final. Piz suffered internal injuries and was pronounced dead at 1:22 p.m. EST at Halifax Medical Center.

Very sad.

RobGixxer750 03-12-2001 08:36 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
I saw it, it was A HIGHLY POOR DECISION! They did this in Formula 1 racing I think it was in 1999. There have been small incidents, but this one was pretty bad. About 10-15 seconds before the pace car comes out, they put out the red flag, right as leaders are already on the banked oval portion of the track. So they rush this pace car out, while people coming out of the banked turn at 180 miles an hour get to find out about it as they look onto the straight. Sure that's gonna throw people a bit, hence the crashes.

AMA sucks. On a side note, how poor can someone cover a race? Apparently ask ESPN2, they wouldn't know a motorcycle from a car with 2 flat tires. The World Superbike video, commentary, and on screen information was great as usual though. The guy that knows bikes, and the guy who doesn't thing was bearable. Why must all race coverage anywhere in the world have this setup? Is it to make the "common man" more comfortable? They just make stupid comments, like when someone's tires are getting used up with 3 laps to go, they'll say that they "lost their concentration" because they get an abrupt rear tire step-out coming out of a turn. It's called tires getting slick because they are used up! sheesh!

rant off

Rob Nance

stevegrab 03-12-2001 08:37 AM

Re: What happened to Duhamel?
Not sure (need to tape race and watch again, replay this week at 1PM on Thursday on ESPN2), but here's what I heard or read elsewhere.

He had just gotten done with a pit stop for fuel and tires and crashed in the kink or other sharper corner on fresh tires. He was trying to chase Mladin very hard, and its a shame this happened. I think he had a good shot at the win if not for this incident.

gerrygrande 03-12-2001 08:38 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
Duhamel is a vet. rider and should know not to push it on cold rubbers. Nicky on the other hand rides a bike right out of the crate 2 laps down and places in the top 10! Too bad Nicky didn't have the good engine Miguel had before he threw it away.

JPII 03-12-2001 08:40 AM

Re: What happened to Duhamel?
ESPN2's coverage did suck bad. They did not have a single reply of anything. What a joke, I almost stopped watching it - it was so frustrating. I am hoping that Speedvision will have better coverage, or at least some replays.

ZRXRy 03-12-2001 11:30 AM

Re: Report on Injured Riders at Daytona
Yeah, and considering it was a delayed tape, how come they didn't have replays of interesting events up almost instantly? And way too fecking many commercials is right. The last time I saw that many commercials was during the last 1/2 hour of a 3 hour movie on one of the crappy local stations.

dirtybmxr 03-12-2001 11:32 AM

Re: What happened to Duhamel?
Duhamel lost the front coming out of the infield, before he got to the banking (at the apex by the barrels). He jumped right up, but obviously the bike was damaged.

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