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Default Re: Aaron Yates Suspended by AMA

Actually, no contradiction between the calls for police action and your preference for letting boys just duke it out. After all, for those who want men to be men and lesser men to be treated like the sissy girls they are, what better place than prison. How d'ya figure Yates 'd do there? Be kicking many Biyatches in the briyatches?

I didn't think so.
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Default Re: Mladin's crewchief Peter Doyle talks smack about Daytona

ha ha, thanks KP.
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Default Re: Aaron Yates Suspended by AMA

Wonderful, that means he will probably be riding, pissed off, around Lake Sinclair in Georgia. Hope he doesn't try that stunt with the street riders in the area! He'll need some dental work if he does....Grow up man, geez, I saw the wreck videos, take a look, you went where you should not have and got taken out. Professional Rider, yeah right....

Me thinks the attitude of the entire Yoshimura team needs to be reviewed. They appear to have a whining, crappy attitude problem that has to be team wide. Just listen to his team mate, even *****ing in victory circle!

And to think I was inintially happy that Suzuki was going to be competitive again this year....
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Default Re: Aaron Yates Suspended by AMA

1) Your logic doesn't hold up. Yates had chosen his line before he knew what Fania was going to do. If Yates was outside of Fania, and Fania was going to run off the track, Yates was running off the track anyway, regardless of where Fania was.

2) Fania probably never knew Yates was there- Yates was approaching Fania at a closing speed of at least 10-15mph, and roadrace bikes don't have mirrors. Furthermore, the use of the flags to indicate to lappers that traffic was approaching from behind was minimal, at best, in that race.

2) Yates is a noob for even attempting to pass a lapper on the outside. Even beginner roadracers (even NON-racers) know you don't do that. Related to that point...

4) ...every racer knows (and will tell you) that it is the passer, not the passee, who is responsible for making it safely through the turn. It wouldn't have mattered if Fania had fallen off in front of him, it was Yates' responsibility as the passer to get around Fania safely.

The crash was 100% Yates fault, plain and simple.
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Default Re: Aaron Yates Suspended by AMA

No, and no. You are forgetting the other key ingredient to going around corners safely- speed. Fania's speed was at least 10-15mph slower that Yates, which would allow him to take a different line that Yates. He could have easily made that corner.

Fania drifts wide? You aren't watching the same crash I am. Yates clearly cuts to the inside and collides with Fania in the one I and the rest of the world are watching.

Yates' line was poorly chosen- any moron knows not to pass lappers on the outside of a corner. Any moron also knows that it is Yates' responsibility to get around the lapper safely, not the lapper's responsibility to make sure the top riders pass him safely.
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Default Re: Aaron Yates Suspended by AMA

Smoking a joint is against the law of the land. I'm not saying I agree with it I'm just sayin it's a fact.

See what happens if you get hit with a UA and they find pot or opiates or coke and see if you don't get a quick visit from the Human Resources department. If you're lucky you'll be "offered" a stay at a local treatment facility. It's more likely you'll get canned.

Yates is an idiot for doing what he did. I'm just answering your question/statement.
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