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Default Re: Daytona Coverage on the Tube

I like the way they show instant replays of someone low siding into the gravel, then come back and tell you Aaron Yates just passed three guys inside a corner now he has a 4 second lead....let's break for a commercial....
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Default Oh yeah!

I have it on the highest, the highest I'm telling ya -- MO authority that you are now a member in good standing of the bourgeois. Then there is the indisputable evidence of the Jag (Series 3?) parked in the MO compound (I can explain the cosmetic makeover on the left rear quarter panel, btw - but it was all Tim's fault). What's it gonna take to get you to fess up - photos of you, Mitch Boehm and **** Cheney discussing the USA patriot act over stogies at Chez Jay?

C'mon JB. Deliver us to the promised (TV) land. Just think of it as your own personal divendends tax and therefore a cross that it is your obligation to bear.


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Default Re:

What's wrong with Despain? He's a hell of a lot better than most of those WSB British wankers who can't pronounce "Ducati", "Yamaha", or "Kawasaki" correctly, and he's miles better than the bald-headed genius on SPEED (pun intended), Greg White.

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Default Re: Daytona Coverage on the Tube

Me too! My VCR will be set on Thursday and Saturday to record Daytona while I'm at work. Speedvision used to give you a few shots at catching a bike race. Now they have filled up that broadcast time with the same group of mouth breathers rehashing old NASCAR stories.
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