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Holy_Kaw 10-02-2003 04:54 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
Cool. I hope the new format works out. I've only seen this type of racing once (live) but I was totally impressed with the obvious skill and courage of the riders.

TatdNPrcd 10-02-2003 04:57 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
WoooHooo! Go OLN! This can be nothing but good news for the fans of M/C racing. (Viewing not doing. I'm a wus.)

Buzglyd 10-02-2003 05:12 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
That VFR (older one) turned you into a girly man!

TatdNPrcd 10-02-2003 05:36 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
LOL! It was the linked brakes that did it.

Kevin_Williams 10-02-2003 05:58 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
I'm pumped! The Dallas race happens on 10/18 so I'll do my best to jump in front of the TV and make a fool of myself, which isn't hard for me. I'll be taking my camera as well so hopefully I'll get some good shots. Do they have umbrella girls at Supermoto races?

Buzglyd 10-02-2003 06:07 AM

Del Mar Mile
This weekend! I will be there with my 5 year old son exposing him to his first racing exhaust fumes.

SmokeU 10-02-2003 06:08 AM

Re: Del Mar Mile
WOooooooo!!! Be sure to introduce him to the umbrella girls if there are any.

Aargh matey

caderider 10-02-2003 08:00 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
I've never watched a supermoto event yet, but by the pix, it looks truly awesome... Guess I'll havta tune in :)


longride 10-02-2003 09:01 AM

Re: Del Mar Mile
Getting the kid on the right path early Buz. I went to races my whole life as a youngster, and I'm sure he will always remember them. Del Mar is epic.

HNH750 10-02-2003 09:58 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
Great job OLN, now if you can only get Two Wheel Tuesday away from the Nascar Channel !!

Buzglyd 10-02-2003 10:20 AM

Re: Del Mar Mile
These guys have stones the size of grapefruit to go around that horsetrack as fast as they do.

Metal pipes with a haybale in front of it provide a high level of safety too!

The superbikers thing is Saturday afternoon so we'll go to that also. Vintage machinery will also be on display. It's all on a beautifully manicured fairgrounds a block from the beach. What a bummer!

Bing Crosby voice: Where the surf meets the turf in old Del Mar. Take a plane, take a train, take a car.............

KPaulCook 10-02-2003 01:52 PM

Rush Limbaugh resigns from ESPN Is he a racist and a doper? Burns where are you???
This is too funny. What a prick Rush is? I knew he was a racist but the drugs??? Its a bad year for the right wingers.


Rush is going down

orangeokie 10-02-2003 03:17 PM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
What is "Supermoto" racing?

SRMark 10-03-2003 05:39 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
Take a dirt bike, put street tires on it and see what it'll do in a variety of settings. More fun than... (fill in something that you like a whole lot here.)

ninjakris 10-03-2003 09:02 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
Check out this Web site. It has a lot of good pix and videos of supermotard/supermoto stuff.

Supermotard is what the Europeans call it.

captainwhoopass 10-03-2003 09:37 AM

Re: Rush Limbaugh resigns from ESPN Is he a racist and a doper? Burns where are you??
Completely irrelevant. No one cares. Go away.

longride 10-03-2003 10:11 AM

Don't bother Cap
Hey Cap, don't bother responding to this idiot. My 10-year-old nephew is more mature. The way he acts out is amazing for a so-called adult.

Buzglyd 10-03-2003 10:26 AM

Re: Don't bother Cap
I would say truly desparate for attention. Classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

And now that he found out he and jb agreed on a few things politically he's throwing this bait all over the board hoping jb will chime in and agree with him.

Then he can print the response and run down to the Burger Barn with a copy of Cycle World in his tank bag and tell everyone about his famous new "buddy."

Buzglyd 10-03-2003 10:39 AM

Sound like anyone we know?
grandiose sense of self-importance.

exaggerates achievements and talents

preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love

believes that he is 'special' and 'unique' and can only be understood by, or should associate with other special or high-status people


equires excessive admiration

sense of entitlement. (unreasonable expectation of special treatment by others)

interpersonally exploitative.. uses others to his advantage

lacks empathy

envious of others

arrogant behavior and attitude.

VFRider 10-04-2003 03:34 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
Wow, the shows air at 10pm on Thursday nights! Once again two-wheeled sports shows are given a prime spot. God forbid OLN busts up their exciting primetime schedule and runs the races at 9pm or something. Maybe if it was SUV racing it might get some respect. They might as well air them at 1am since I'll be taping them anyway (oh wait, OLN will be re-airing them at 1am).

-Bitter guy from Jersey

captainwhoopass 10-07-2003 06:49 AM

Re: Supermoto Begins TV Schedule
Supermoto is...the most fun you can have racing on pavement with a limited budget. Buy a YZ (4-strokes are best) and slap some new wheels and sportbike tires on it, and take it out to your local roadrace track. Then grin manically as you back it in and rail past squids on their GSX-R1000s. You'll be laughing for days. Be sure to wear really plain looking leathers and a MX helmet and goggles so you'll give them nightmares about being passed by some random stranger on a dirtbike in their bike's "natural environment".

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