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Default Is Bad Economy Good for Racing?

This may sound counterintuitive, but it may be possible for the bad economy to have a positive effect on racing. More and more people are willing to join the race, find the complete detail at 'Motorcycle Racing News - AllAboutBikes.com'
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Your an idiot if you think it hasent effected racing.
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That doesn't make sense to me either. A bad economy means, people out of work, higher inflation, higher prices, and more people trying to save money. The first thing to go in a bad economy are leisure activities. I know I don't ride nearly as much as I used to or would like to because of gas prices.
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From all reports I've read, off-road racing (MX, enduro, GNCC, etc.) is thriving. It's a lot cheaper than road racing.

Every event I've been to this year has had record attendance.

Edit: I just RTFA. Yep, it's about attendance and participation at MX.
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Cool Well if it's worth a buck

well I guess that the only thing that you might worry about riding during this recession times is the gas money. after all the bike needs to guzzle up some juice you know...

well anyway what other accessories do you have or looking for for your bike?
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It's just another stupid ploy to advertise a site for free. I guess this is the Internet equivalent of annoying highway billboards.
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Squid Killer
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Only if it was a race for a job opening.
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I know there were a couple new riers at my old job due to gas prices, they both wrecked em and are back in their mini vans now.
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Default Pranck, Ningal, Bandaro and Sulfock Kyrgyzstan

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Default Urkrass, Ford, Marus and Ugolf Mayotte

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