Adventure bikes are one of the trendiest motorcycle segments today, but for every ADV review or unveiling we publish, it’s become de rigueur for commenters to ask “…but how often are people actually going to ride these off-road anyways?” It’s a fair question, as a lot of so-called adventure-tourers will rarely stray off the tarmac.

But many do take their bikes off-road, and not just on the odd fire road. If you’re interested in starting, why not take some inspiration from Red Bull-sponsored racer and off-road riding coach Chris Birch showing his skills on the KTM 1190 Adventure R in his native New Zealand:

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A Red Bull Romaniacs and Roof of Africa winner, Birch has also been teaching off-road riding since 2005. While most of his programs are in New Zealand and Australia, Birch also runs courses at various locales around the world. For m0re information, visit