For this week’s video, we present a man who has modified his motorcycle to run on water. Inventor Ricardo Azevedo of Brazil modified his NX200, a single-cylinder Honda sold in Brazil from 1993 to 2001, to run on electricity produced from burning hydrogen separated from water.

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Dubbed the “T Power H2O,” Azevedo’s motorcycle uses a complex-looking system of pipes and water tanks and a regular car battery. The battery provides enough energy to electrolyze the water, separating hydrogen which is then used as fuel for combustion. Azevedo claims the T Power H2O can get about 500 km on a liter of water, which works out to be 1176 per gallon.

Azevedo also demonstrates that the motorcycle can run on both clean drinking water and polluted water of the Sao Paolo’s Tietê River.

We’re a little skeptical about Azevedo’s claims. Okay, we’re plenty skeptical. One big concern is whether a car battery will provide enough juice for electrolysis to supply enough hydrogen to make a decent distance. Azevedo says the T Power H2O uses regenerative braking but the battery will still need a full recharge after ten hours of use. Azevedo also says he uses additives to increase the efficiency of the electrolysis process.

So, what do you think, readers? Does the T Power H2O run on water? Or does it really just run on hogwash?

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