Video Time: The Making of an Aerostich R-3 Roadcrafter Suit

John Burns
by John Burns

How they do it in Duluth

They don’t do a lot of advertising at Aerostich. Instead, proprietor Andy Goldfine lets the product speak for itself, mostly by keeping the US motojournalist corp well-supplied with his suits. Once you’ve worn one a bit, it can feel weird to ride any distance in anything else. There’s more competition than when he began the business decades ago, but something about the one-piece Roadcrafter’s versatility, toughness, and wide range of uses in all kinds of environments keeps lots of long-time customers coming back, while still adding new converts, too.

Also, there’s just something about hand craftsmanship that attracts people trapped in the disposable consumer goods era, and hand tailoring. The latest version of the Roadcrafter, the R-3 that we witness being put together here from start to finish, comes in 60 standard sizes; from there, it can be expanded, contracted, lengthened or shortened as needed. There’s also no need to feel guilty about the skilled workers doing that tailoring, either, many of whom have been proud Aerostichers for decades. Their names ride along with you, handwritten on a textile panel sewn inside every suit.

Even if you’re not interested in an R-3, this new 16-minute video’s as fun to watch as any How It’s Made episode, and the music is nice and relaxing too. Is that Brahms? Thrill to the computerized laser cutter! Swoon at the waterproof tape applier! Be terribly frightened at how close Mari’s fingers come to that industrial sewing machine needle…

Say, I think that’s my new gray and yellow R-3 on the rack at 10:04!

Find out more about Aerostich and the gear they sell.

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John Burns
John Burns

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  • JStock JStock on Dec 05, 2022

    About to order my first "Stitch"....Looking fwd to the years of service it should provide!

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    • 12er 12er on Dec 06, 2022

      Lose the second T but otherwise welcome to the club. I love their own comment on the high viz Roadcrafter "Inspires the comment, Ewwwe...."

      If you ride in a lot of rain get the two piece, if just occasionally caught out in a shower the onesie is excellent. Aerostich crotch is a thing on the classic, supposedly resolved on the R3. Though I only suffered from it once riding 2 hours in a soaking rain. Well experienced would be a better term, was wet but it only slowly leaked so I stayed warm.

  • Bmwbob Bmwbob on Dec 05, 2022

    They're $1400 now for an R3!

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    • Tbone34 Tbone34 on Dec 06, 2022

      Assuming approximately 3.4% annual inflationary increases, the price is the same as it was. Using general CPI, the suits cost $213 more today.