December 5, 2017
| On 1 year ago

Video: The Last Motor Cop You Want To See In Your Mirrors

Riding a motorcycle at its limits requires multiple inputs being made smoothly and simultaneously, and this expertise is on wonderous display in the video below. It shows police officer Quinn Redeker, Jr. ripping up a parking-lot course that was part of a motorcycle skills competition among police motor cops.

Redeker has apparently lost only handful of times during the 100 or so times he’s competed, some of them against as many as 150 other riders. Other motor officers are probably grateful that the masterful Redeker has now retired from these competitions. He now serves the Ventura, California, Police Department as a detective supervisor.

Check out the video to watch the adroit way he hustles a BMW R1200RT-P around the tight and challenging little circuit, adeptly balancing smoothness with aggression in a brilliant display of riding. Note his body position, hanging off the high side of the bike like a trials rider.