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Your friendly staff has been there. Really. We all remember that moment when we decided we wanted to become motorcyclists. We will also never forget the day we threw a leg over our first street motorcycle. No moment in life – with the possible exception of parenthood – has so many hopes and fears associated with it.

Let’s just start with the most immediate duo at the moment of leaving the dealership or receiving the keys from your bike’s previous owner: “I’m going to have so freakin’ much fun on this bike!” and “Please, God, don’t let me drop my new bike and look like a newbie!”

Deciding to become a motorcyclist and buy your first streetbike are choices that come from the heart and soul. Still, you don’t want to leave your thinker out of the process. I’m like most people in that I like to lead with my heart and follow with my head, but I generally don’t make a move on big decisions until I’ve consulted both.