Gifts for dirt riders

We’ve covered motorcyclist’s wishlists of all sort in previous years, but with the popularity of off-road and dual-sport riding growing, we felt we should throw together a list of what these special riders of ours might like more than the odd set of socks.

We’ve put together our list of the top 10 gifts for dirt riders below. This list is indiscriminate. If your special someone likes riding trails, off-road, or motocross, you better believe they could benefit from the items on this list.


Top 10 Gifts

They go much quicker on dual-sport bikes. Off-road bikes take advantage of the knobbly tread that gives the best traction off-road. Of course, these tires tend to wear much quicker than a traditional motorcycle tire and therefore, any dirt or dual-sport rider would be hecka-stoked to find a new set of freshies under the tree this holiday season.

Air Filters

Top 10 Gifts

If you live in a dusty clime like SoCal, Baja or the surrounding area, you know dust can be a major inhibitor of how much fun, and how long you can ride. Let your filter get caked, and you’re likely to be popping and burbling your entire way down the trail. It’s best to have a few filters clean and ready to go should you find the installed one caked with dust. Pre-oiled filters are available from many retailers including Rocky Mountain ATV.

Oil and Oil Filters

Top 10 Gifts

Probably the most changed parts on a dirtbike, the oil and oil filter should be swapped out for a fresh one fairly regularly. The dirt bike oil filter does as much as it can to keep particles out of the lifeblood of the bike, though some make their way through. Combine that with the normal wear and tear of these bikes, and you have plenty of granular bits floating around, so it’s best to flush out your engine before it can cycle too many times.


Most dirtbikes and dual-sports use tube-type tires. Therefore, it’s best to keep a small stock in the garage if you do much off-road riding. 21-inch fronts and 17- or 19-inch rears, whichever you need. Any donation to the tube stock is more than welcome.


Top 10 Gifts

Grips also tend to wear out much faster on off-road bikes. We tend to grip ’em harder while the grips are also commonly made out of softer rubber to allow for better grip. That being said, it’s always nice to have a fresh pair of grippy hand grips in the hopper for the first ride of the season.


Nothing’s worse than getting a big ol’ chip in the middle of your tinted goggles. Well, sure there are worse things, but chipped goggles suck. If you’re following too closely off-road or riding close on-road, the tiniest of rocks can ruin your vision. Having a couple of back-up goggle lenses is never a bad thing.


Top 10 Gifts

Let there be light! It’s no secret OEM lights rarely provide the type of nighttime performance we would like. Companies like Baja Designs and others have spent their lives crafting and perfecting optimal off-road lighting. Give ’em a try to see the difference.

A Bigger Fuel Tank

Top 10 Gifts

Don’t let anyone tell you differently, size matters, and your 2-gallon tank isn’t going to give you the range needed to appropriately explore those hills. Look to an aftermarket company like IMS or Acerbis to extend your range further. Tanks are available from these manufacturers delivering 3-4 gallon capacities in order to carry plenty of petrol as you play out your inner Magellan.

A new dual-sport bike

Top 10 Gifts

As we say at MO, new is newer… or something like that. What motorcyclist wouldn’t want a new ride?! If you have the means, it’s the ultimate present.

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