We’ve often admired the resolve motorcycle riders who live in frigid areas have when it comes to sneaking in a ride, even when the conditions are terrible. Evan Hoge, a product developer for Klim, is one of those people. He doesn’t let the conditions stop him, and as Klim is one of the top producers of technical riding gear for off-road motorcyclists and snow-sport enthusiasts, he figured he’d combine the two disciplines with this, a CR500 aluminum frame Timbersled snowbike.

Hoge started by taking the aluminum frame from a 2003 Honda CR125R, then yanked the two-stroke beast of an engine from a 1997 CR500R, and married the two. The engine is massaged all over with carb work and a custom pipe, and has all new seals and bearings. A Rekluse Torqdrive kit is a big upgrade over the old and tired stock clutch system and is meant for high-horsepower applications. The pièce de résistance, of course, is the Timbersled conversion wherein a ski replaces the front wheel and a track system goes out back. The result is this mean snow machine, which Hoge isn’t afraid to toss around. Check him out in the video above.