Supermoto, powerslide, drift

There’s no denying that Supermoto is one of the most intriguing forms of motorcycling. It combines the best of motocross, flat track and road-racing. The light weight, speed and agility of a dirt bike paired with the glue-like traction of road-racing slicks can make any Average-Joe feel like a MotoGP superstar. Add professional skills into the mix and you’ve got yourself one helluva two-wheeled spectacle.

Take for instance this racer who seems to possess the sorcery to bend the laws of physics like only God or Chuck Norris can by drifting into and powersliding through this 180-degree turn as seen here on dangerboydeegan’s Instagram.

Holy moly!

After an arduous search I was unable to find out who the rider is, though I can tell the course is somewhere in Asia. Perhaps one of our readers can assist…