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Shelina Moreda Is Helping Pave The Way For More Female Riders

Motorcycling, rather unfairly, has long been considered a man’s sport. Maybe it’s because of the egos involved, or simply the result of society clinging to an outdated view of gender roles. Thankfully those views are changing. Women represent one of the fastest growing segments of motorcycling, and there are female motorcycling ambassadors like Melissa Paris, Avalon Biddle, Elena Myers, Michelle DiSalvo, and many others paving the way for the next generation.

One of those is Northern California native Shelina Moreda. You might recognize Moreda as the first woman to compete in the Chinese Pan Delta series, aboard an EBR 1190RX. She did rather well for herself, too, earning a solid third place finish. Having met and ridden with her personally I can attest to the fact she’s fast. But more importantly, I can attest to the fact she’s a great ambassador for the sport.

Moreda’s Girlz MotoCamps are dirt-oriented riding camps for girls and women of all ages to either learn about motorcycling or improve their skills. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are – she’s had students who had never ridden a motorcycle before – as long as you come with an open mind and the desire to learn and have a good time.

This video gives a nice overview of the camp and Moreda’s vision for it. Whether you’re a female rider looking to ride with other women, or you have girls in your life you think might be interested in two wheels, the Girlz MotoCamp is worth checking out. Visit the Girlz MotoCamp website for more information.

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