Motorcycle Ride Sharing

Hey, it’s the sharing economy so why not? Airbnb sounded pretty sketchy to me, too, but since I started doing it I’ve had nothing but great experiences and nobody’s burnt down my house yet or even clogged a pipe. is a peer-to-peer rental startup that got off the ground last August. It connects riders who want to rent motorcycles to unused motorcycles. It screens renters, provides liability protection and a safe online payments platform.

There are about 30 million licensed riders and just 9 million motorcycles in the United States, says, R-S, millions who would occasionally ride if it wasn’t for the steep price of motorcycles and motorcycle rentals. R-S aims to put those unused motorcycles to good use, by connecting them to people who want to ride but can’t afford to. By being selective on who can rent (and having no brick-and-mortar stores), the goal is to make both motorcycle rentals and ownership affordable, to get more motorcyclists on the road – and even spark a comeback for motorcycling among young people.
Most of the questions dancing through your mind, including `what if somebody crashes my bike’, are answered here. Sounds like motorcycle ride sharing can be a great idea, really, especially if you have a cruiser that just doesn’t get ridden much but you don’t want to part with…