Monday Motorbikes is a Brisbane, California-based company producing a modern moped. Like the mopeds of yesteryear the Monday Motorbikes M1 is outfitted with pedals, but in place of a small internal-combustion engine resides a brushless DC motor.

According to Monday Motorbikes, the M1 can travel up 50 miles in Economy mode at a steady 20mph on a single charge, without pedaling, and up to 35 miles in city traffic. Sport mode increases power but decreases range to about 25 miles. To meet California electric bicycle regulations, Economy Mode is tuned for a top speed of 20 mph, while Sport mode is good for 40 mph, but only to be engaged when off public roadways (yah, right).

Currently, the M1 is available in the United States for $5,995 with plans for worldwide domination in 2018. Monday Motorbikes offers test rides most Saturdays at its shop in Brisbane, but encourages interested parties to contact them to see if they may be traveling through your part of the country. For information about the company, the bike, or to order one check out