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Terry Hopkins tells us the tale of “the orange bike” whose powerplant narrowly escaped a fate worse than death – slowly rotting away in a dark dank Florida shop corner – only then to be stuffed into an exhumed Honda CB frame. The resulting build is more impressive than you might think:

The Bike was built as a project by noted bike builder Rev. Jim in Seminole Florida. The “Orange Bike”, as people call it, was a TV star.

The story was that the engine, built in 1978, was lost in shipping for two years. When it finally arrived at Rev Jim’s in 1980 or so he was racing Harleys. So, it sat in its original box until the Discovery Channel called in 2010.

Rev Jim and crew then built the bike from a titled frame literally dug out of the ground at Eagle Motorcycle Savage, in St, Petersburg, Florida.

It was on 4 episodes of Café Racer TV, filmed in 2012. Watch it if you like, it is a pretty good story. Later, it was raced at Valdosta Drags by 11-time World Champion Ricky Gadson and worked on by “Spiderman” Larry McBride, also a world record holder.

The “Orange Bike” has raced at Bonneville and even set an AMA land speed record in the 1000MCF class. It earned an AMA number 1# plate in 2018.

The “Orange Bike” won the RATSHOLE Bike Show café racer trophy twice, once at Daytona and once at Leesburg. Also a magazine star, the Orange Bike was on the cover of Cafe Racer magazine with Ricky Gadson piloting it!

I ride this on the street and enjoy it when I can. It has good torque even below 2000 rpm and always gets looks on the street. The seat limits the trips to around town and to close by events, but if your butt is tougher than mine, go for it…

Orange Bike Specs

Bike Specifications: 1974 Honda CB750 SOHC
Frame: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Head work: Joker Machine and Fast By Gast
Subframe: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Engine: 836cc RC (Russ Collins) Engineering Cobra (Highly modified CB750 SOHC)
Fueling System: Modified Keihin CR Carburetors
Swing Arm: 2002 Kawasaki KZ600
Rear Wheel: 18” Spoked laced by Danny Ward and K & K Cycle
Front Wheel: 19” Spoked laced by Danny Ward and K & K Cycle
Steering Stabilizer: Hydraulic Pingel
Welding: D & G Pinellas Park, Florida
Rear Shock: KZ600 Coil-over
Handlebars: Tarozzi (Custom Harley Davidson 39MM Frontend)
Seat: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design covered by Lance Upholstery New Port Richey
Tank: Stock Honda CB750
Rear Sets: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Tires: Avon 18” Rear, 19” Front
Exhaust: Custom, Preachers Hot Rod Cycle Design
Polishing: Henry Canup, The best polisher in the Universe
Paint & Powder Coat: Brothers Powder coating, Pin-striping by Liza, Tank paint Tribby’s Auto Marine Paint & Body
Parts: Dime City Cycles Tampa Florida
Model: CD750K2 (1971)
Frame: CB750 Modified Frame

Readers' Rides
Readers' Rides

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  • Aloha Terry Aloha Terry on May 25, 2020

    Dang!... I just opened up and there is MY Bike.... I sent it in a couple of months ago and after seeing all the other way cool bikes i was thinking... well at least I think it is cool, sniff. Thanks for featuring the bike and you got it right, there is good story on the Orange Bike. Rev Jim thanks for the great build!

    • Mad4TheCrest Mad4TheCrest on May 28, 2020

      Very cool bike! As much as most of us yearn for the latest/greatest, a vintage rebuild or custom like this one can be just as satisfying.