Poll: What's The Best Major Motorcycle Rally in the United States?

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher

We understand it can be a tough decision

Of all the major motorcycle rallies in the United States, which one is your favorite? Even if you’ve never been, we’d like your vote on the one you’d like most to attend.

Seth Fargher
Seth Fargher

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  • Kileykennaway Kileykennaway on Dec 04, 2017

    Lots of negative responses to this poll.

    Not really sure why…I mean it’s a poll.

    Maybe people just need a place to piss and moan.

    I’ve been to just about all of these…each one has something
    to offer but I picked Sturgis.

    I bet that will change once I get a chance to go to Arizona
    Bike Week.

    The riding around Sturgis is great and you can also make
    some great day trips or overnight to Yellowstone or Red Lodge and to BP

    I’m not big on huge crowds but they can easily be avoided.

    I do prefer smaller ones.

    Maggie Valley NC has about 6 small ones throughout the
    summer and I’ve been to a few of these and they are great.

    People’s opinion of me is irrelevant weather I trailer or
    i also just walk away from the ones that try to tell me what i can and cannot wear while riding lol
    That being said I consider myself a people person.

    I love the idea of seeing what people have added to their
    bikes whether it be sound or custom so I can compare.

    Or even finding out about a nice roadside attraction or
    waterfall or even a great place to eat.

    All of these things add to the idea of going to a rally.

    I’ve been to Americade and had a fine time.

    I have a strict rule about “not paying a cover charge” to go
    shopping but still had a good time

    Rolling Thunder…very impressive to get all those people for
    such an important event.

    I like Laconia…great riding in the area and I like that fact
    that I can get there in a days riding.

    Daytona…Great rally and I like the date.

    If you have been locked up at home cause of snow then
    Daytona is a great holiday….not much nice riding in the area but still a fun

    Did a wonderful ride along the ocean to go to Myrtle and
    also had a great time there.

    I think they listed these 6 for this poll cause these are the 6 biggest rally's?


  • Mugwump Mugwump on Jan 13, 2018

    The unplanned, accidental one that occurs in the tent camping area at a local or regional race.