There’s a lot to be excited about in 2015. Germany’s Intermot motorcycle show was first to burst forth new or significantly revised models, about 20 of ‘em. Next up, we attended the second year of the AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida, where we saw five new or revised bikes plus several of the ones shown at Intermot.

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Intermot 2014: Cologne Motorcycle Show

2014 AIMExpo – Coverage From Orlando

Then it was time for the big one: EICMA. There were about 25 new models to view at the convention center in Milan, Italy, where 3 million square feet of display area housed the major players of the world’s moto industry. We were part of the more than 600,000 people who attended the grand show. EICMA says attendance was up almost 15% this year, a sure sign of the industry’s recovery following the duller years after the Great Recession.

EICMA 2014: Milan Motorcycle Show

Last week’s show, the Progressive Insurance International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California, brought it home for us, allowing four of our editors to bounce on new seats, hear presentations from major OEMs, and catch the vibe for the state of our hobby/transportation that we adore.

2014 International Motorcycle Shows Long Beach Wrap-Up Report

So, as the motorcycle show season begins to set, we decided to set up a discussion among the MO editors to discuss how we feel about the prominent subjects of the 2015 season ahead. Lots to discuss this year, from appealingly inexpensive choices to the highest-techiest superbikes – and palpable enthusiasm for the industry as a whole.

2015 Literbike Spec Chart Comparo