In yet another example of why it’s not a good idea to ride on train tracks, a pair of motorcyclists got quite a scare as they attempted to cross a railway bridge. A beam at the start of the span gave way just as the lead rider (identified in the video as “Steve”) tried to ride across, causing the rider and his bike to begin falling back and through the bridge.

Fortunately, a second set of rails was narrow enough to hold Steve and his bike as his rear wheel dangled in the air beneath him. After the initial shock and (much warranted) cursing, the two became remarkably calm, all things considered. “I’m holding it all with my balls,” Steve says, before asking his buddy to take a picture.

With some quick thinking, they tie off the front wheel and get enough support for Steve to pull himself out, letting the bike hang from it’s handlebars. According to the video’s description, they managed to gently lower the motorcycle to the ground.