Motorcyclists come in all shapes, sizes, races, genders, and orientations. So, it’s only natural for us to also have a wide variety of computing platforms represented within our ranks. From Android to Chrome to iOS to Linux to MacOS to Windows, the web has you covered for content delivery, but sometimes it’s nice to have a central location for when you want to sit down with your favorite beverage and read the news in all its variations. As someone who is thoroughly ensconced in the Apple ecosystem, I’ve spent a lot of time curating my Apple News feed to give me access to all my favorite kinds of reading, but there was one notable absence, This bugged me more than a little. 

Just over a year ago, I first broached the subject of getting MO on Apple News to my superiors, and as of late Friday afternoon, my favorite (and hopefully your) motorcycle publication is now available on all your Apple devices in the Apple News app. Search for and subscribe to the channel and all of MO’s stories will magically appear in the feed as they are published. You’ll even get to choose your background color, in case you are like me and prefer reading white text on a dark background. If you want to comment, simply follow the link at the bottom of each page to the MO website and do as you always would. 

Choose your favorite look for your favorite motorcycle publication.

We’re very excited about this development and look forward to your feedback about it. 

Apple Users Click Here To Open Apple News