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April 4, 2016
| On 4 years ago

MO Survey: What’s The Best Kind Of Motorcycle?

We’ve traveled down this path before when we asked what types of bikes our readers have owned. What we learned there, frankly, didn’t surprise us too much. You’ve owned a bunch of different motorcycles. That makes you a lot like us. We like motorcycles – all motorcycles. As an industry friend once said about our profession, “All motorcycles good; we investigate.”

Within this simple truth – being that there are no truly bad motorcycles anymore – there lies another truth: All motorcycles are good; some are more good than others. (With apologies to George Orwell.) All of the MO staff have their personal favorites. You may even suspect that you know our writing well enough to surmise our leanings. Thank you for reading so closely.

Now, we want to turn the lens towards you, our readers. What is your favorite type of motorcycle? It may be a hard choice, but sitting down and thinking the prospects over will probably remind you of all the good times you’ve had on two wheels. So, where’s the harm in that?

So, go ahead. What is your favorite type of motorcycle? FYI, there is a correct answer.