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August 19, 2016
| On 3 years ago

MO Survey: Has Harley-Davidson Set a Precedent For Aftermarket Tuners?

Despite the fact Harley-Davidson has sold its Super Tuners to be used for off-road or competition use and not on public roads, The Motor Company has reached an agreement with the EPA to stop selling its Super Tuners, which essentially reflash the ECU for optimum EFI performance. A byproduct of the Tuner’s installation is the motorcycle emitting higher emission levels than what was originally certified with the EPA.

Even though Harley-Davidson has said in a statement that it disagrees with the EPA and that the company has done no wrong-doing since the Super Tuners were sold for competition use only, it has agreed to stop selling Super Tuners as an act of good faith.

After the scandal revolving around Volkswagen and dieselgate, it’s understandable that the EPA is paranoid, but this agreement with Harley-Davidson could have started aftermarket tuners down a slippery path. Which leads to the question: