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January 23, 2017
| On 2 years ago

MO Poll: What Is The Most Anticipated Liter Sportbike Under $20,000?

Fans of liter class sportbikes have got to be drooling over the prospects that 2017 holds. In fact, as this goes live, Business Class Editor Troy Siahaan is across the pond preparing to ride the revamped Honda CBR1000RR in Portugal. Next week, E-i-C Duke will be jet-lagging his way to Australia to tussle with the long-awaited Suzuki GSX-R1000. When we last gathered in the 24K gold and marble festooned MO Tower Conference Center from which we run the global MO Empire, we realized that so many examples of 1000cc sporting machinery were going to be available for the coming model year that we’d need to break them up into classes within the liter bike class. At the top, we have the exotics – sportbikes costing $20,000 or more – bikes befitting one-percenters, like ourselves. The next grouping consists of the open classers that the rest of you can afford (if you’re lucky) without requiring a lottery ticket for the down payment.

2015 Six-Pack Superbike Shootout Final Answer!

As with any discussion about a large number of motorcycles, the meeting degenerated into a debate about the relative features of each bike and our desire to decide, once and for all, which one we were most excited about riding this year.  Ever the authoritarian, Duke brought us back to order with the thump of his gavel echoing throughout the building. Sir Duke proclaimed that we would give the voice of back to the people. Today, the Most Anticipated Liter Bike Under $20,000 of 2017 would be decided by the unwas… our readers.

Together we will make America ride again.

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