We recently stumbled across this surprisingly engaging video shot by Atlanta, Georgia-based actor Jayson Warner Smith. It chronicles a trip he took on his Triumph Bonneville to coincide with his 50th birthday that began as a two-week jaunt but transformed into a five-week odyssey.

Smith, who you might’ve seen in 2012’s Coma, 2011’s Footloose or the AMC/Sundance series Rectify, does a stellar job at capturing the spirit of a road journey on two wheels. His work becomes even more admirable when you realize that it was shot almost entirely on an iPhone 5s.

”I figured I could only watch it for a minute before getting bored and switching-off, but that wasn’t the case,” says Editorial Director Sean Alexander about the meandering 40-minute film. “Its rhythm nicely echoes my own recollections of cross-country road trips. It’s great escapism for those of us stuck behind a keyboard.”