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September 25, 2018
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Krazy Horse Indian Scout Street Hooligan

If you can’t wait for the new Indian FTR1200 that we’re pretty certain will appear within a month or two, then you might be interested in what the people at Krazy Horse in the United Kingdom have been up to. Apparently there’s a “Hooligan” racing series going on across the pond just like the one here in the US, and Krazy Horse has put together a kit to transform your Scout or Scout 60 into a Street Hooligan that’s, as the kids say, tasty AF.

Nineteen-inch wheels laced to Talon hubs, Öhlins suspension, a flattracky subframe/tailsection…

… mid-control footpegs, a recalibrated ECU, a loud AB exhaust system, etcetera. All prethought-out by professionals so you don’t have to – for a mere £4,995. That’s about $6,580. Which is a lot, but maybe worth it if you can win four or five Super Hooligan Dashes for Cash, at $1k each, and a few Main Events, for which Indian pays $1k contingency. You’ll have the kit paid off in no time. Anyway, there’s quite a bit more interesting motorcycle and a bit of car craziness going on at Krazy Horse.

All that might be well worth the investment if in addition to being able to channel Brad Baker wherever you ride, you also win the Super Hooligans Championship (well, there’s only one round left so that’s not happening for you this season). But if it did, you’d win a “one-off RSD customized new 2019 Indian model.” Hmmm, interestingly vague word there at the end…

Roland Sands Designs

Since the whole SH series in the US is co-sponsored by Roland, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also point you to his way cheaper ($1600) but also much more basic RSD Scout Tracker Kit here.

RSD’s kit contains just the basics – but the RSD site sells all manner of other items, including shocks and wheels. mid-control footpegs, etc, to allow you to roll your own. Either way, what’s old is new again, and still just as much fun as ever.