Back in August, Kawasaki announced it was working on an artificial intelligence system that will allow motorcycles to communicate with riders. The “Rideology” A.I. project is still in its early stages but Kawasaki has released a video to depict how it would work.

With the help of telecom company Softbank, Kawasaki’s Rideology system combines A.I. with Internet Communications Technology (ICT) to interact with the rider and the surrounding environment. Kawasaki says its A.I. will have some personality and will learn from the rider, making adjustments to suit the rider’s abilities and preferences.

As the video depicts, the A.I. would verbally communicate with the rider, providing information about weather patterns and potential hazards. In one neat trick shown, the rider tells the A.I. he doesn’t like city traffic. In response, the A.I. detects the timing of oncoming traffic signals and tells the rider to slow down slightly to arrive at an intersection just as the light turns green.

Kawasaki says it will provide further updates as the project progresses. It’ll be interesting to see how true the finished product will be to the concept, and how Kawasaki will overcome some practical issues such as overcoming wind and engine noise. Also to be determined is whether the A.I. will be called the “Kawasaki Heavy Industries Two Thousand” or K.H.I.T.T.: